October 1, 2018

Tempo, Rhythm, Balance

This combo of training aids can help your students improve these key elements

The GRAA list of Top 25 Training Aids is derived from a survey of hundreds of the top teaching professionals across the country. Since 2015, the Orange Whip has held the No. 1 spot on the list while its counterpart – the Orange Peel – recently found its way into the top 10.

Because this duo of training aids is so highly regarded by the game’s top teachers, we reached out to several instructors to ask them why these aids work so well and how students benefit from their use.

The Orange Whip has been used by golfers at every level – from the PGA Tour to juniors – to help develop feel, tempo and rhythm in the golf swing. In addition, it encourages the proper sequencing of the body needed to generate power and consistency in the swing. Because it’s so easy to use, an added bonus for teaching professionals is that it can boost revenue when students purchase it to use on their own.

The Orange Peel has quickly become a favorite tool of many teachers. It allows their students to understand that proper weight distribution at address and throughout the swing. When paired with ground force plates (such as BodiTrak) that precisely measure how weight moves throughout the swing, it can be a powerful tool.

Orange Whip: Three key components make up the design of the Orange Whip Trainer: a weighted orange ball, a counterweight and a very flexible shaft. The orange ball replaces the club head and allows golfers to focus on swinging naturally without worrying about the position of the clubface. It’s weighted to promote a fluid swinging motion rather than a jerky hitting motion.

Orange Peel: The Orange Peel was designed to enhance the golf swing learning process by altering static and dynamic balance positions. Similar to standing at the bottom of a sphere, the Peel creates a slight inward pressure in the feet and legs, which helps stabilize and support the hips and core area at address.

Alison Curdt: “The Orange Whip serves two purposes for my students and my business. Not only is it a great warm-up aid for students to get loose and primed for their lesson, it’s also a great learning aid to help students understand the correct sequence of the golf swing. Feedback is received instantly when students’ bodies move in the correct order and when it doesn’t. I also appreciate the affiliate program where I can refer students to purchase the product for themselves.”

Dennis Biedenstein: “What I love about the Orange Whip and the Orange Peel is the feedback. These two not only provide positive feedback, they will also provide that negative feedback that we all need at times to get better. We all learn from our mistakes, and the Orange Whip and the Orange Peel helps my students understand and correct those mistakes so that they can move and swing in balance.”

Allan Bowman: “Each student is different. However, the Orange Peel helps all students feel the sense of balance and, in my opinion, that is extremely important. The Orange Whip really promotes how the clubface needs to pass your hands, and that is important for the majority of golfers who slice the golf ball.”