June 30, 2014

Tathata Golf Updates Certified Instructor Training Program

Tathata, the creator of revolutionary new golf training designed to transform the entire mind, body and swing, today announced it has updated their Certified Training Program.

“After receiving incredible feedback from our pilot group of instructors and taking a deeper look at the entire user experience, we have made minor changes to our Certified Instruction Program making it more user friendly and a better overall experience for anyone going through the program,” stated Bryan Hepler, Master Instructor and Founder of Tathata Golf Training. “Whether you are a golf instructor, personal trainer, wellness provider or individual looking to improve your game or help your friends and family improve their games, this program is intended to be a complete and comprehensive training experience providing a full understanding of Tathata training principles and practices upon its completion.”

People interested in becoming a Tathata Golf Certified Instructor, Personal Trainer or Wellness Provider will now fill out a short application online to apply to go through the program and become part of Tathata Golf. Helping to protect the Tathata Golf brand moving forward for all certified instructors this small step that was added to the process will also help Tathata Golf learn more about each instructor on a personal level to better support them as they progress through the program.  Once approved, they will receive a link to sign up for the Prerequisite Training Program for a cost of $695. All LPGA and Southwest PGA Section members and apprentices will receive 20% off of this price at sign up. Upon sign up, all users will receive immediate access to the entire program as well as a username and password.

Participants will then be able to review and complete the online video training program based on material from the Tathata Golf 60-Day Video Training Program. This interactive video training course is designed to give students a complete understanding of Tathata mind, body and swing training fundamentals and principles. Students will progress through unique movements and movement routines based on the movements of the world’s greatest golfers and athletes of all time. They will also utilize timeless teachings and methods of learning from the ancient world of martial arts.

“I have known Bryan Hepler for the past 10 years and have watched the growth and development of Tathata Golf. I love that everything in the training is not based on a theory or a system or a new fad but founded on how the body truly moves once and for all. These training programs will completely reshape the way people teach and learn the game of golf,” commented Steve Dahlby, PGA Tour Instructor, PGA of America member.

The course introduces principles such as how to build, store, move and send energy as well as how to create leverage and life within the body to apply maximum force, speed and stability through a striking motion. Throughout the program students will also be introduced to mental training principles and exercises that date back thousands of years but are completely new to the world of golf instruction. They will utilize these principles for the benefit of both themselves and their students to experience personal authentic greatness more and more often.

The program also now includes three unique one-on-one live video movement evaluation / training sessions with members of the Tathata staff. The third and final video call will be with master instructor and developer of Tathata, Bryan Hepler. After completing the training program and all of the program’s videos, tests and live video sessions, students will officially be considered “Tathata Trained” and have the opportunity to immediately become “Tathata Golf Certified” if they choose.

“This refreshing golf training program opens a portal to your greatest golf understanding to date! It is a way for all who love the game to flourish in so many ways! This program guides a golfer to learn and utilize what is “intrinsic” so you can become your best,” said Karen Davies, LPGA T&CP Member and Golf Performance Coach.

Upon completion of the prerequisite training program participants will receive information from Tathata Golf with instructions for moving forward and becoming “certified.”  Once certified they will immediately receive access to all Post-Certification materials including the Tathata Turn-Key business model, Tathata marketing and promotional materials as well as all teaching/training support materials. This is available for the personal investment of $19.95 per month.

Tathata Golf Certified Instructors will receive their own personal homepage within the Tathata Golf Online Learning Academy. All users of this site and all visitors to TathataGolf.com will be able to search for and find their local Tathata Golf Certified Instructor. Instructors will also be able to begin submitting their own instructional videos to be posted to their personal home page. Tathata Golf Certified Instructors will receive complete follow-up support and continued education through Tathata Golf once they become certified. They will also be able to cancel their payments and “certified” status at any time for no charge.
For more information about the Tathata Golf Certified Instructor Training Program or to submit an application for the program, please visit www.tathatagolfcertified.com.

About Tathata
Tathata was founded by Bryan Hepler of Hepler Golf LLC and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since 2011, the company has been strategically developing the Tathata brand, products, facility and logistics to offer a unique and innovative Mind, Body, Swing and Life line of products. The company has unprecedented support and strength from individuals and organizations in the game of golf.  The overall mission of Tathata is to help golfers and instructors everywhere become their greatness through unique practices designed to build strength within their golf game as well as their total life. For more information, visit www.tathatagolfcertified.com.

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