February 18, 2014

Swinguru Releases My Swinguru Version 1.2

Swinguru today release its version 1.2 of My Swinguru – your ultimate interactive golf coach. My Swinguru is an easy-to-use, intuitive and interactive golf swing analysis software enabling an engaging self learning & training golf experience. My Swinguru uses advanced wireless and markerless 3D motion capture technology to automatically capture, replay, analyze your swing. It provides instantaneous feedback and customized drills for rapid game improvement.With this new version, each user can now track his progress & improvements with the brand new user management : all your swings are stored for further analysis !

A free 30 days trial is available on


• User management and swing statistics per user
• Upload swing : convert your swing to a video file and upload it online (on request, please contact
• Support for both Microsoft Kinect and OpenNI cameras in the same application
• Display an “Update” button in options screen when an update is available
• Improved swing detection robustness
• Improved key positions detection : setup top, impact
• Improved application loading when no internet connection is available
• Show only concerned faults in diagnostic
• Potential license crash
• Markers out of the video frame
• Navigating back to diagnostic screen from compare screen would load last recorded swing instead of keeping current loaded one
• In compare mode, videos might be frozen