February 8, 2013

SwingProfile Eclipses 15,000 Downloads

It was a scene repeated hundreds of times at the SwingProfile booth during the 75th PGA Merchandise Show January 26-28 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando: Industry leaders and others totally mesmerized by the cutting edge SwingProfile app, the world’s fastest golf swing analyzer which earned ‘Best New Product” and “Best Market Research” just a year earlier as part of the Inventor’s Showcase.

Countless others were a bit more skeptical, not wishing a demonstration and commenting that that they were already using another swing analysis software.

And that’s when the question was asked: “Does your software only record the physical movement of the golf swing and nothing else, with no need for editing?” asked Dr. Zeke Chan, the product’s inventor, from his wireless microphone. “What about automatically synching the swings of two golfers on the same screen, even when their swing speeds are completely different?”

Show attendees were told that if they gave Dr. Chan 30 seconds to demonstrate the product that they’d stick around for the next five minutes to see a training aid that many eventually exclaimed “to good to be true” and a “total game changer” for golf instruction.

By show’s end, SwingProfile received hundreds of downloads from the Apple App store with countless others reporting even more downloads by end of the weekend so that they could take advantage of the special show offering of $20 for iPhone and $50 for iPad versions.

Commented one PGA teaching professional from Kansas City Thursday morning: “So you’re telling me that instead of wheeling out my cart full of cameras, monitors and wires, all I need is an iPad?”

“He kept bringing his friends to our booth all week long,” laughed Dr. Chan, who traveled from his home in Auckland, New Zealand to attend the show. “We’re thrilled with the results of this year’s PGA Merchandise Show. Our goal was to introduce attendees to the unique features of SwingProfile and the response was overwhelming.”
To date, SwingProfile has been downloaded by more than 15,000 golfers around the world, with new downloads being made every day. The application works by instantly analyzing the player’s golf swing and swing sequence, frame by frame, and then automatically displaying it much like the pull-out pages in Golf Digest. This innovative technology captures only the physical movement of the golf swing, thus eliminating the need to search, trim or edit the video.

SwingProfile provides instant synchronization of two different swings, matching the tempo and key positions exactly. This feature is ideal for comparing users’ swings to friends or professionals by capturing their swing in person, on television or even off YouTube. A dual camera option is even available by filming a players swing from two different positions and then showing them side by side as the software automatically synching the swings create a “two camera effect.”

SwingProfile is available for download on iTunes by visiting the app store. The iPhone version is $29.99 and the iPad Pro version for $59.99. For more information go to, like SwingProfile on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

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