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Wastewater Solutions Inc.

6701 McDivitt Dr. Suite B
Bakersfield, CA 93313
Phone: (800) 615-5575
Fax: (800) 615-8004

Company Description: As fresh water conservation has become increasingly critical, recycled water is being used now more than ever for watering golf courses, parks, sports fields and other turf applications. The problem created is that effluent water is treated to be safe for human contact, but that doesn’t mean that the water chemistry is optimal for use as irrigation water. Long-term use of poor quality water has been proven to lead to poor soil structure, which can severely degrade the quality and stress resistance of turf and ultimately wastes water due to poor penetration and excessive runoff. By injecting high-grade gypsum at the treatment plant, all downstream users will benefit from thecalcium-enriched water which neutralizes sodium and bicarbonates, improves soil penetration and promotes the long term health and growth of all turf, plants and trees.