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2296 Feather Lane
Marion, Ohio 43302
Phone: 855-577-7983

Company Description: SPRYTE Golf Laser Reflective Target System (LRT). SPRYTE LRT System for Flagsticks incorporates a Large 360-degree 1.8” diameter LRT that conforms to USGA rule and regulation standards.  SPRYTE Flagstick LRT is an economical alternative to the competitive crystals with an approximately 300% Larger Laser Return which allows golfers a far better opportunity to choose the right club. SPRYTE LRT Distance / Proximity Sticks use a larger 2.5” Reflective Cylinder with a highly visible target flag to determine fast and accurate Laser Measurements for those flat hazards, dogleg approaches, and blind shot distances, allowing golfers to determine precisely how far their shot must be.

Why accurate distance at the RANGE?

SPRYTE LRT Distance / Proximity for the RANGE. SPRYTE Golf and the LRT System has been developed for Distance Accuracy.  All SPRYTE LRT products are essential to beginners, seasoned amateurs and the PGA Professional.

SPRYTE LRT  –  Flagstick LRTs.
SPRYTE LRT  –  Distance Proximity Sticks -to be place anywhere on a Range also in 5 to 10 yard increments to practice those Pinpoint Precise Golf Shots.
SPRYTE LRT   – 2.5” Sleeve – Larger open-end sleeve can be placed around Any Stick as a LRT.

“Get it Right with SPRYTE”