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The Perfect Takeaway

501 Kensington Street
Lumberton, NC 28358
Phone: 910-816-5293

Company Description: This amazing golf swing trainer is a teaching aid designed BY teaching masters to improve the most important part of your golf swing, the first 18″ movement of the club head away from the ball.

  • More than just a great target alignment aid.
  • Promotes “low and slow” takeaway and with a wide arc allowing proper hip and shoulder rotation.
  • CORRECTS the tendancy to lift the club head too quickly during takeaway!
  • CORRECTS the tendancy to take the club head inside/outside too quickly during takeaway!
  • Gives every golfer a repeatable drill that develops solid muscle memory they can take to the course.
  • Works equally well with every club in your bag from your driver, fairway metals, long/mid/short irons.
  • Provides INSTANT visual and audible feedback.
  • Works indoors as well as outdoors – on any surface – with or without actually hitting practice balls.
  • Also a great training aid for putting and chipping drills.