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Phone: (904) 290-1691

Company Description: Swinggait began with a true love of the game of golf. The creation sparked when trying to figure out how to spread that love to my son and wife.

I started putting a club in my son’s hand at the age of 3.  Sure, he could make contact with the ball every so often, but he had no form or direction when doing so.  I tried to help by putting a club down and telling him to place his feet shoulder width apart and parallel to the club. He had no idea what I was talking about.  Some kids don’t know their left from their right, let alone, parallel. My wife didn’t care about right or left as long as I was not telling her how to do it.

So, like any good parent who is looking for an answer, I went to the internet. I searched and searched for an alignment training aid. I found plenty of versions of putting a club on the ground, called something similar to stix. None of these solved the problem.

I needed to create a non-verbal way to position them, and containing their feet was the key. I didn’t want to build something for both of them, so I made it completely adjustable. I found that, because I could manipulate the size and shape, I could also move their feet into positions for hitting a draw or a fade with a little adjustment to the swing plane guide.  This just became a training aid for myself too. After many tweaks and rebuilds we had our first Swinggait golf training aid.

We all know that no training aid can make you a better golfer unless you practice with it, but Swinggait made practice with a 3 year old and wife much more productive and enjoyable.