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Laser Link Golf

4027 Owl Creek Drive
Madison, WI 53718
Phone: (866) 909-4653

Company Description: Our System is designed with “regular” golfers like us in mind — it is “designed by golfers, for golfers.” Other distance measurement systems are designed to provide secondary information, or are too difficult to use. In some cases, using a device that is too difficult or complicated can actually slow down the pace of play.

But, the Laser Link Distance System is designed for more than just a few highly skilled players. It’s designed for all golfers — from beginners to veterans, from scratch players to 25-handicappers. It’s simple, fast, accurate, and it gives you the information you are looking for on every hole – the distance to the flagstick. Because of its design, it is fun to use, will improve your score, and will speed up the pace of play at your club.

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