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Heavy Putter LLC

15816 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, Suite 300
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: 888.788.8374

Company Description: Boccieri’s experimentation with the putter started by adding mass to the head. This was successful up to a point, but too much weight started to exacerbate the amount of wrist release throughout the stroke. He found that the only way he could increase the head mass enough to engage the large muscles was to add a counter-weight to the grip end of the shaft. In doing so, he raised the balance point 75% higher than conventional putters. This counter weight became known as the Back Weighting System. What the Back Weighting System did was manage the increased weight in the head by using balance… a simple but necessary innovation. A by-product of the higher balance point was it brought much of the weight of the putter closer to the player’s core center of gravity promoting more stability during the stroke. The combination of the increased head mass and the Back Weighting System gave the putter enough total weight to engage the larger muscle groups and disengage the small wrist and hand muscles. This led to a consistent, repetitive, pendulum stroke.

In 2003, work began on the production prototype. Various weight combinations, styles, shaft configurations, and head designs were tested, re-tested and tested again. In late 2004, Boccieri had finished the development of the first Heavy Putters ready for tour use. These putters were made by hand in Steve’s “lab”, and he personally brought them out on tour to get direct feedback from the players. The reaction was better and bigger than anything Steve could have hoped for. Steve went immediately to work on putting a supply chain solution in place to service the anticipated demand. He also went about building his team. Boccieri Golf LLC “the company” was starting to take shape.

What is so unique about the Heavy Putter is that it is the only club in the history of the game that can claim that it improves the player’s stroke by making it more consistent. We have scientific data to back that statement up. With the use of the Science and Motion ultra sound machine we have demonstrated by testing hundreds of players and each player showed a dramatic improvement in the overall consistency.