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Company Description: TOUR TOWEL
What make this towel so different from all the rest is its hourglass shape, microfiber makeup and its one-of-a-kind Personal ID tag that is sewn into the hem line of every single towel. The 41” x 7” x 21” dimensions allow this towel to sit comfortably over your shoulder blade at the 7” center point of the towel. This center location delivers equal weight distribution at both ends of the towel while laying flat without any excess material to droop or fall off your shoulder. It actually becomes a part of your equipment. You take it to the putting green to clean you ball, to the tee box to dry your grip or just walking down the fairway wiping perspiration from your brow. Its right there, all the time. For the golfer who chooses to carry their bag, The Original Tour TowelTM is long enough to drape over both shoulders creating additional cushioning under your shoulder strap without bunching up along your neckline. This line of microfiber towels not only support the absorbency fundamentals of microfiber fabrics but also brings along a fashion sense with creative waffle designs and textures that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch. All four of the towels presented in this line can be embroidered for an attractive look and have a supporting cast of colorful hem lines to choose from.

The Brush CaddyTM is a stand-alone, portable club-cleaning device that allows players to clean their clubface after each and every shot. Flick away clubface residue at the driving range or on the course by making a downward brushing motion with the club against the brush. The Brush Caddy TM utilizes three-piece construction for maximum versatility and presentation options. Made from durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, each Brush Caddy includes a customizable logo plate, brush and spike/ground plate.