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E.H. Griffith Inc

2250 Palmer Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15218-2603
Phone: (412) 271-3365
Fax: (412) 271-2614

Company Description: In 1931, Elliot Howard Griffith came to Pittsburgh bringing Toro Commercial Equipment and Milorganite Fertilizer and started a distributorship in Eastern Pittsburgh. Today, E.H. Griffith, Inc. using Toro and Milorganite as its backbone has developed into a distributorship of many products and services devoted to the Commercial Turf Market. We are proud to serve this vast Turf Market that includes Golf Courses, Landscapers, Lawn Care Operators, Municipalities, Schools, Athletic Fields, Estates and many other large Turf areas.

We offer everything that you need to develop, grow, and maintain your property or facility. In our three large warehouses, measuring over three acres in Swissvale, we keep the majority of 50,000 items in stock at all time. No one can match our delivery services. We are centrally located in our marketing area and stand ready to delivery competitively priced turf equipment and supplies, at a moments notice. We realize that most of our customers are dealing with living things like plants and turf therefore it has always been policy to have what you need when you need it. The majority of the products are delivered to your site within your time of need by one of our thirty service vehicles.

Speaking of service, we are also proud to have nine outside sales and service people that blanket our 130-mile radius of our marketing area (Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia). It is easy to see that you can have an E.H. Griffith, Inc. rep available to you anytime you desire.

We have spent 72 years discovering ways to earn your business. When you require one of our products or services we will use what we have learned to make sure you are satisfied.