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CAPAzone Inc.

326 Paseo Reyes
Saint Augstine, FL 32095

Company Description: With “resistance training,” your hands get educated quickly so you don’t have to spend hours hitting with training aids…Just perform the motion a few times to get the feel of the forward leaning shaft and the clubface square and you GOT IT! Now strike your shot. The results are immediate. A lower, more penetrating ball flight with effortless power.

Remember to consult a physician before training and realize there will be some soreness due to the work out. Its a good sore though, the kind of sore that takes a few days to go away, but you know that you’ve trained some un-used muscles that will heal and bounce back stronger than ever. Its not a herky jerky free weight either.. Its a smooth resistance that builds speed and strength to prepare you for the upcoming season.