June 12, 2014

StrackaLine Introduces Putt Tracker

StrackaLine announces the Putt Tracker for the US Open this week for Pinehurst #2. Putt Tracker allows you to see the reads of the Pros in real-time as the putts are being made on live TV. “The greens are crazy difficult on #2”, say Jim Stracka. “With the StrackaLine Putt Tracker, you are able to see the shape of the green, elevation changes, and amount of break of each putt”.

StrackaLine will provide over 30 hours of simulcast this week. Use this link to check it out: strackaline.com/putttracker

“We are excited to provide StrackaLine for the TV viewer. The StrackaLine Apple App will help them better understand which way the putt will break while they are watching golf on TV”, said Jim Stracka. “With the addition of Pinehurst, you can watch the Pros putt this week at the U.S. Open.”

Use this link to download the App: itunes.apple.com/us/app/strackaline-pro/id838958227?mt=8

Every week, you can go to strackaline.com/blog to see the Pro pin sheets and the Putt of the Week as depicted by Dennis Paulson and Carl Paulson from Inside the Ropes on XM Radio every Monday.

About StrackaLine:
StrackaLine is the patented technology for tracking the exact slopes and breaks of a golf courses’ putting green topography. The iOS app renders 3D laser scan data to calculate the exact aim point to make your putt. Used by professional golfers and their caddies since 2008, StrackaLine is revolutionizing the most important part of the game. “Own the App. Own the green.”

Additionally, golf courses can use StrackaLine at their local course for training and automated hole location software (Ho Lo). “Ho Lo” is a revolutionary time saver to assist tournament directors in creating pin-sheets.

For more information, please visit our website strackaline.com.

The StrackaLine press kit is available upon request. For media inquiries, please contact Cara McGinnis, Twist Agency, 480-636-0200 or cara@twistagency.com.