December 30, 2022

SPECIAL EDITION: Jon Paupore: Use Technology Outside Lessons

Jon Paupore, the 2014 PGA Utah Section Teacher of the Year, is the PGA Director of Instruction at Red Ledges Club, in Heber City, Utah.

SPECIAL EDITION: Jon Paupore on the importance of using technology outside lessons:
At the Jim McLean Golf School at Red Ledges, we develop training programs that maximize the enjoyment of our students, while enhancing their understanding of their own skills and potential. We use a plethora of today’s latest teaching technology in our instruction, as well as our custom clubfitting services. Students appreciate the use of the TrackMan launch monitor during their lessons and enjoy learning what the feedback means to their swing. One day a student asked if he could use the device during one of his practice sessions to monitor his own progress, just as we do in our collaborative sessions together. Since the tool was not already in use, I figured why not? We didn’t plan for it, but that request snowballed into a practice that has not only helped students apply the concepts that we discuss in their lessons during their practice sessions, but also into a practice tool and perk that our students have come to appreciate. It has also proven an unexpected means of attaining new students. Current students can schedule use of the TrackMan in advance and monitor their club head speed, spin rate, and overall progression based on the lesson plan formulated via my analysis of their swing. Of course, they can only use the TrackMan when it is not already in use by one of our instructors. In fact, use of our one launch monitor has increased so much that we are considering acquiring a second device for students and instructors to share.

Jon Paupore on the business impact of using technology outside lessons:
Utilizing the innovative solutions that teaching technology offers is often a catalyst to increasing lesson revenues at any golf facility. Giving students the opportunity to benefit on their own from the power and accuracy of such advanced technology is a valuable tool in our students’ improvement. Of course, this idea is not exclusive to TrackMan; whatever launch monitor, video analysis, or motion-capture system you use, demonstrating your expertise, educating students, and sharing the benefits of such is a way of attracting new students. This a major value-added feature that aids in selling members on pursuing lessons of their own. We did not anticipate these great effects, but since that first request to use the unused TrackMan, lessons are up like never before and our golf school continues to thrive and grow.

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