January 14, 2015

SNAG Golf Debuts Innovative Inflatable Range at Demo Day

SNAG® Golf will showcase an extraordinary new 10- bay inflatable range during Demo Day and inside the Orange County Convention Center next week at the 62nd annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. The colorful stand alone soft-sided golf skills pavilion will provide a safe insulated learning environment that is easy to set up in a variety of locations.

“With the launch of our new SNAG Inflatable Range, we will show everyone in the industry including club general managers, driving range owners, and golf pros just how much fun these can be for kids and adults, but more importantly, what a high ROI they can expect due to the attention and participation these units offer,” said Terry Anton, SNAG CEO and Co-Founder. “These fun play stations are irresistible skill builders with the capability of building future golfing families.”

The 10-bay SNAG Inflatable Range which measures 43 feet in length, is 23 feet wide and 12 feet high, includes a gas generator, electric blower, 10 large Bull’s-eye targets, 40 Launchers, 12 Launch Pads with Tees and 200 SNAG balls. This inclusive package is a PGA Show special. The range is simple to set up indoors or outdoors and literally take minutes to inflate.

SNAG is the world leader in player development and the company is constantly searching for creative ways to introduce golf to new players. The SNAG Inflatable Range is fun, active and a great opportunity to engage the public. It is visually compelling with its bright colors and is the perfect backdrop to attract and engage participants. Tournaments, events, camps, schools, seminars and conferences are all prime audiences for the SNAG Inflatable Range.

Special PGA Show pricing will be available to introduce this novel concept to the industry.

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