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January 3, 2017

SmartBallGolf Introduces Lowpoint Trainer

The Smartballgolf.com “Lowpoint Trainer,” is the first and only electronic training device that detects the lowpoint of a golf swing. It uses red, yellow, and green colored light pattern that displays the user’s lowpoint. The “Lowpoint Trainer,” can identify a lowpoint with or without a golf ball. Using patented technology providing physical feedback it teaches & trains lowpoint swings to create near perfect ball striking.

The Smartballgolf.com “Lowpoint Trainer,” was invented by Rick Marcy, a Golf Academy of America 2016 Top 100 Alumni member. Rick is also a 21 year PGA member and a 10 year decorated US Army Veteran. Rick spent many years and thousands of hours in development before releasing this amazing new electronic device.

The Smartballgolf.com “Lowpoint Trainer,” uses a high-tech laser screen to detect the entry & exit point of a golf swing. After detecting the lowpoint of the user’s swing, the unit displays the corresponding light pattern using LED lights in a solid state for long period. The golfer can then work on displaying desired pattern, maintaining their pattern, and repeating their pattern.
• The Green Light Swing: lighting all greens promotes weight, hand & shaft forward at impact position. Divots would be located after the ball. This is the light pattern that most golf professionals would create.
• The Yellow Light Swing: lighting yellow lights can represent broken wrist at impact but with proper weight forward at impact. Divots will often be located just before the ball.
• The Red Light Swing: lighting red lights represents the golfer’s weight and hands are back, behind the ball at impact. Divots are located well before the ball.
• The “No” Light Swing: not being able to light any of the LED lights on the device represents the user’s entire swing path is too high above the infrared light-screen. The result is often a “topped,” shot.

The Smartballgolf.com “Lowpoint Trainer,” is sold as a stand-alone unit but it’s also available with a grass standing mat in three (3) sizes:
• Small: 47″ x 47″
• Medium: 45″ x 58″
• Large: 59″ x 59″

The Smartballgolf.com, “Lowpoint Trainer,” can be seen and tested at the PGA 2017 Merchandise Show, Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. January 25-27, 2017.

For more information or to purchase, please contact:
Smartballgolf.com (website)
info@smartballgolf.com (email)
• (774) 722-2034 (phone)

Rick Marcy
1297 N US Hwy 1, Ste. 6
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
P: (774) 722-2034
E: info@smartballgolf.com