July 8, 2016

Simon Allan: Offer Practice Range Memberships

simon-allanSimon Allan is the PGA head professional at Prestwick Country Club in Frankfort, Illinois.

Simon Allan on the importance of offering practice range memberships:
We have a very large social and house membership category at our club. Unfortunately, these members have not been part of the golf operation to date. In an attempt to pull some of these member types into the golf side, we enacted a new initiative this year in which we offered practice range and practice facility memberships to all club members. We took the idea to the board and it was approved with flying colors much to our delight! They even asked why we hadn’t done something like it sooner! There are two membership options available. We offer an individual membership for $500 annually, or a family membership for $750 annually.

Simon Allan on the business impact of offering practice range memberships:
Already in its limited tenure, the program has been well received. Since April, we have signed about 10 percent of our non-golf members into the program with 75 percent of that number opting for the $750 family package! Seven of these adult members are now regular students of our professional staff, and 20 of the children are involved in our junior clinics. Additionally, three separate program members have already converted to a full golf membership. One of the converted went so far as to buy himself and his children all new clubs, and his wife has entered the women player development program. Separately, the revenue brought in from this program alone has already been earmarked to buy new range balls and den caddies next year. In only a few months, the decision to open up the practice facility has benefited us in ways previously unimaginable!

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