March 14, 2012

Shawn Cox: Showcase Your Clubfitting Services on the Range

Shawn Cox is the PGA director of golf at The Grand Golf Club in San Diego, Calif.

Shawn Cox on the importance of showcasing your clubfitting services on the range:
One of the best things we’ve done the last couple years to enhance our equipment sales is setting up our custom clubfitting equipment on the range. Every Wednesday through Saturday, resort guests and members who come to our range will see our clubfitting professional set up at the end of the range where golfers park their golf cars. Although we advertise this service in our email blasts and in our daily calendar, we can’t rely on everyone to look at these. The tent and our seven different clubfitting carts are very visible, along with a FlightScope launch monitor. The range also has a Mitchell Club bending machine, as well as regripping equipment. When husbands and wives come to our resort, the husband will often encourage his wife to get fit for new clubs. Maybe it wasn’t the plan when coming to The Grand Golf Club, but it can be hard to find time to schedule a clubfitting appointment when you’re at home. We also have our range attendant, who typically helps with bags and cleaning clubs, answering questions to those who may be timid about walking over to the tent. He explains that it is a free service, and encourages all golfers to see our clubfitter.

Shawn Cox on the business impact of showcasing your clubfitting services on the range:
We believe that once the guests have gone through the fitting process on the range with one of our professionals, they will want to buy from us. The results have certainly shown this to be true, as we convert a high percentage of our fittings into sales. Our hard good sales have gone from five to 30 percent of our shop sales, which were in excess of $200,000 over the last year.