May 1, 2014

Serious Business: GRAA Boot Camps for 2014

As they push to devise new programs and better practices, the GRAA’s regional Boot Camps are looking for a few good attendees

“In battle there is but one favorable moment,” wrote Napoleon, “and the great art is to seize it.” Whatever form of training the French general put his troops through, he would surely have known to plan and schedule it with care. The GRAA, with its annual Boot Camp program, tries to do the same—sending out advance word and encouraging members to seize their calendars and pencil in dates.

In the summer and fall of 2014, the GRAA will host four Regional Boot Camps in diverse sections of the country (see box for venues and dates). Formats and goals will be similar to those of the inaugural series in 2013. Each of those events welcomed 30-plus attendees including PGA professionals, facility managers and facility owners/operators. In addition, GRAA personnel and representatives from each sponsor company were on hand.

Reflecting on the Boot Camp program of 2013, GRAA General Manager Patrick Cherry confirms the quality of the discussions and presentations. “Last year’s Boot Camps were a great success,” Cherry notes. “We exchanged a lot of original and well-conceived ideas with teachers, clubfitters, range owners and managers. Topics were extensive—from growth of the game to marketing to live teaching and fitting sessions. We look forward to an even better series this year.”

Each of the Boot Camps will feature a roster of speakers and presenters. There are also breakout sessions that cover four areas:

  • Management Best Practices (marketing, staffing, insurance, pricing, retailing and F&B)
  • Teaching and Fitting Best Practices, featuring outdoor demonstrations
  • General Operations (netting, targets, mats, lights, pickers, balls, agronomy, etc.)
  • Growth of the Game
  • Practice Facility Design Lunch and refreshments are included. All conference costs are paid for by our sponsors:

Coastal Netting, Cure Putters, Ernest Sports, Mitchell Golf, Power Tee, Tex-Net, The PGA of America, and UST Mamiya. Attendees are responsible for hotel accommodations and travel to the host facility. For further information on GRAA Boot Camps, please do not hesitate to call Patrick Cherry at 215-914-2071 or email him at pcherry@golfrange.org.