December 22, 2014

Scott Reilly: Negotiate for Discounts at the PGA Merchandise Show


Scott Reilly is the PGA head professional at the Philadelphia Country Club in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania.

Scott Reilly on the importance of negotiating for discounts at the PGA Merchandise Show:
Before I head down to the PGA Merchandise Show I double check my on-going list of improvements that I want to make to the golf operation at PCC. I cross-reference this list with my capital budget and like many I realize that the list of improvements far outweighs the capital funds available. Still, I know that if I do some homework on each vendor and their products prior to heading to the Show I can have some estimates already in mind and a strategy of who to visit. Knowing vendors are there as much to sell as to show their new products, I do my best, in typical “American Pickers” fashion, to work with each of the vendors and their products to bundle big items and negotiate at getting larger discounts. It’s one of my favorite parts of the Show and I love working at getting the best products for the best price.

Scott Reilly on the business impact of negotiating for discounts at the PGA Merchandise Show:
Last season before heading down to the Show I knew the operation needed new on course beverage stations, the range needed a new water cooler setup, and we needed new clocks and signage for the driving range and course. In our case the fixtures were in need of replacement to keep an overall consistent appearance and to give everything a fresh look. Like many outdoor items, the elements will eventually prevail and so typically clubs may look to enhance these items every five years. In doing my homework and working with my course superintendent and general manager, we had several styles picked out and a budgeted number. I knew that by going to the PGA Show I could take advantage of incentives and work with each vendor to try and get their best possible number on our selections. From the initial estimated cost of close to $18,000 we were able to get all of the items for $15,000. This savings allowed me to utilize that additional $3,000 in capital towards a new indoor putting green and 60″ flat screen television for our indoor hitting area. The end result is an improved area to practice when the weather turns and a 10 percent increase in lesson revenue. One other benefit of doing these purchases at the PGA Show: because you get to actually see and feel the items you are going to buy, you get to see the size of them and their functionality. On some items I even took additional pictures on my phone and sent to my teammates for their approval. That creates less hassle back home.

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