June 14, 2019

Scott Ashworth: Make Your Practice Facility Its Own Destination

Scott Ashworth, the 2008 Aloha PGA Golf Professional of the Year, is the PGA director of golf at Four Seasons Resorts Lanai/Manele Golf Course and the District 11 Director for the PGA of America Board of Directors.

Scott Ashworth on the importance of making your practice facility its own destination:
Three years ago, we started holding an event called “Rock N Range” on our practice range here at Manele Golf Course. It is a fun event we do weekly on Thursdays from 3:00pm till 5:00pm, where we set up speakers to play upbeat Hawaiian Music (rather loudly!) and set up a couple of golf carts on the range with clubs and menus for guests to order drinks and “pupus” (light food offerings). Guests are invited to come out and enjoy the music, drinks, and complimentary tips from our golf professionals in a fun and non-stressful atmosphere. Inspired by Topgolf, we wanted a fun activity for all guests that would get them to the golf course to hit balls and hang out on the range regardless of skill level. It has been very popular with families, couples, and anyone looking for a fun activity or opportunity to learn how to swing a golf club in a casual atmosphere.

Scott Ashworth on the business impact of making your practice facility its own destination:
We normally have anywhere from 4-to-12 people attend. We also offer this for groups staying at the hotel and when those occur, we can have anywhere from 20 to 40 participants. The activity itself is complimentary, but drinks and pupus are not, so food and beverage sees some increased sales. We usually give anywhere between one to more than ten complimentary lessons, with one-to-two turning into additional, paying lessons during their visit. It also creates incremental sales from guests visiting the Golf Shop and coming back to have lunch at our Restaurant, VIEWS. We are always looking for fun and creative activities for our guests to participate in and this one has certainly accomplished that while also extending the use of our practice facility. So don’t be afraid to make the practice range its own unique destination. It just may be your next driver of new business to your facility.