March 27, 2014

SCOR Golf Launches New Website

SCOR™ Golf, makers of the innovative SCOR4161 line of scoring clubs announced the launch of its new SCOR™ Golf web site at

“Our new website offers a clear presentation of our revolutionary scoring club technology and the Iron Byron testing that proves our performance superiority,” said Terry Koehler, President of SCOR Golf.   “We’ve proven that conventional ‘wedge’ designs and most new short irons are seriously deficient in forgiveness and accuracy.  We have raised the bar significantly for performance of the high-lofted clubs, and are eager to share the Iron Byron proof that SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs are up to 94% more accurate than conventional wedges and most short irons.”

The new website design was driven by input from SCOR™ Golf’s existing and prospective customers and is designed to make it easier for golfers to put together the exact set of precision scoring clubs to make their scoring range performance much better.  “Visitors to our web site will find more information about scoring club technology and performance than anywhere else,” added Koehler.  “This is the one place in golf where players of all skill levels can put together the exact set of short range clubs that will improve their scoring.”

The new web site allows visitors to engage in the interactive SCORFit™ (patents pending) online analysis to determine their optimum set make-up to blend to their irons.  Or they can proceed directly to the SCOR Golf Custom Shop and experience a guided process to build their optimum set.  In addition, visitors can access customer service support from specially trained professionals to assist in custom fitting and building solutions for each individual golfer.  Other features of the easy to navigate site include:

See the Proof page dedicated to the independent “Iron Byron” testing results showing data that SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs are “up to 73% more accurate than conventional wedges and up to 94% more accurate and forgiving than the current crop of high-tech short irons.”

-See the Technology-This new section explains SCOR’s proven technologies that produce a complete scoring system which will optimize short range performance. It is the industry’s most comprehensive look at scoring club performance and design.

-Get SCORFit– a state of the art interactive analysis which details your scoring range challenges and solutions, and includes a FREE copy of the acclaimed e-book: “The SCOR Method-A simple way to achieve precision in your shotmaking.”

“Build Now” tab where golfers can engage with the SCOR Golf Custom Shop to spec out their own set of SCOR4161 clubs and have them custom built to their specifications.

Whether ordered with the assistance of SCOR’s customer service professionals who can guide customers through the custom building process or designed online, SCOR4161 Precision Scoring Clubs are custom built one-by-one in the company’s new Fort Worth, Texas manufacturing facility using the tightest production tolerances in the industry.  Once an order has been placed, SCOR Golf’s master club builders create each club and set based on requested specifications and typically ship orders within three business days.

About SCOR™ Golf

SCOR™4161 is the flagship product of SCOR™ Golf.  The product addresses the disconnect and inefficiencies of short irons and wedges and represents the most comprehensive package of scoring technologies in the industry. This revolutionary approach to the scoring end of the set combines unmatched forgiveness, game improvement performance and superior precision in the scoring clubs for golfers of all abilities.  The innovative SGC3 progressive weighting design features seven distinct head designs across twenty-one precision lofts from 41-61 degrees to optimize trajectory, spin and distance control for each scoring club.   SCOR™4161 also features the renowned V-SOLE® technology, proprietary GENIUS® shafts co-engineered with KBS® and UST Mamiya®, and the company’s own SCOR grips.  All heads are Tru-Form-Forged™ from 8620 carbon steel to combine the precision of casting with the feel of forging.   Each set of SCOR™4161 scoring clubs is custom built to fit each individual golfer by using the proprietary “SCORFit” fitting process that determines the exact specifications necessary to optimize a golfer’s performance in the scoring zone.  More information on SCOR™ Golf and SCOR™4161 can be found at or at 877-726-7670.