November 30, 2020

Sara Stephens and Andrew Stephens: Boost Sales and Promote Your Facility With Specials

Sara Stephens, (pictured left), the 2018 Kentucky PGA Section Player Development Award Recipient and 2020 Kentucky PGA Section PGA Professional Development Award Recipient, is the PGA Co-Owner/Operator and General Manager at The Stephens Golf Center in Burlington, Kentucky.

Andrew Stephens, (pictured right), Winner of the 2018 Kentucky PGA Championship and the 2020 Kentucky PGA Section Player of the Year, is the PGA Co-Owner/Operator and PGA Director of Instruction at the The Stephens Golf Center in Burlington, Kentucky.

Sara and Andrew Stephens on the importance of boosting sales and promoting your facility with specials:

2020 has been a good year for golf, as we’ve welcomed many new and returning golfers to the game, boosting play and practice, as well as lessons and retail sales. At our family-owned and operated golf practice facility in Northern Kentucky, we have 34 hitting bays equipped with Toptracer technology and touch screen monitors that display the complete flight of every golf shot, as well as valuable data such as ball speed, carry yardage, launch angle and more. Students can even download the Toptracer app for an enhanced golfer experience. We wanted to create a fun and social atmosphere on Friday and Saturday evenings that would attract adults, millennials, college students, buddy groups and even couples out on a date. So, back in early March, we implemented a two-hour all-you-can-hit promotion from 6:00-8:00 in the summer (now 5:30-7:30 in the fall). For $15 per person, customers can hit as many range balls as they want – we also offer special beer pricing from our full-service bar. With our range being fully-lit, the vibe becomes festive and a lot of the customers will bring food or order out. We even have some snacks for them to choose from at the bar. With the many games that Toptracer offers and the social atmosphere that ensues each Friday and Saturday evening, we’re happy to offer people a respite from being indoors in a secure, socially-distanced environment. With so many people coming to the game this year, it’s good to offer them opportunities for engagement and socialization with friends – that’s what our game is all about.

Sara and Andrew Stephens on the importance of boosting sales and promoting your facility with specials:

When we acquired the facility in the spring of 2019, we quickly upgraded the range with Toptracer technology. It has been a huge attraction for seasoned golfers, new players and everyone in between. Boosting range usage through our all-you-can-hit promotion has been successful in creating a range that welcomes everyone, not just golfers working on their game. The promotion also boosts food and beverage revenues, as guests take advantage of the beer specials and enjoy imbibing a wide array of other beverages. It is a simple promotion with a clear goal – get bodies in the door and we’ll take care of the rest. In addition to revenues earned those evenings, we are able to promote our facility and the other amenities we offer – our golf academy, simulator, heated bays and even our Advantage Card, that gives patrons free play the more they spend. For instance, a $400 card gets the customer $600 in credit, a 50 percent bonus – great savings for the customer and guaranteed revenue for us.

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