September 1, 2016

Ryan Kennedy: Offer a Three-Month Package

ryan-kennedyRyan Kennedy, the 2015 Southern California PGA Metro Chapter Teacher of the Year, 2012 Northern Chapter Golf Professional of the Year and seven-time Player of the Year, is the PGA director of instruction at Oakmont Country Club in Glendale, California.

Ryan Kennedy on the importance of offering a three-month package:
Over the years, one can’t help but to notice the staggering amount of golfers who take one or two lessons only to not improve.  As a PGA Professional and director of instruction, it is my job to make all of my students better players.  But it’s nearly impossible with just one lesson.  Last year, I introduced a three-month program that gave students a platform to really train, work hard and become significantly better players.  The first session focuses on evaluation of the students through TPI, K-Vest, BodiTrak, FlightScope and film of the students playing on-course.  The assessment gives the student and me a game plan moving forward for the next three months.  To date I’m at maximum capacity and have a running waiting list of students eager to sign up for my three-month structured program.

Ryan Kennedy on the business impact of offering a three-month package:
Each student that signs up for my three-month program is charged $2,100 . On my own, I’m able to handle 18 students.  I recently hired an assistant and we have been able to push maximum capacity to 38 students. Furthermore we are seeing roughly an 80 percent retention rate on students who sign up for their second three-month program.  Spanning a wide variety in ages and abilities, I have a 10-year old in enrolled in our program all the way to our senior women’s club champion.  Additionally, I had one student signup for the program who is not an Oakmont member, who is on his third, three-month program, and j last week he was approved by the board as full-time member.  Students also have the ability to take as many lessons as they desire throughout the course of the three-month program, though we are seeing an average of less than two lessons per-week. By providing this monthly structured program not only are we generating revenue, new members and satisfied customers, but, most importantly, better golfers.

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