January 30, 2014

RoboPutt Plans to Expand its Network

RoboPutt is planning to expand its network in 2014. The company received lots of interest, and exceptional feedback at the 2014 PGA merchandising show in Orlando, Fl. CEO Joe Sery announced that in 2014 RoboPutt will allow PGA instructors throughout the United States access to the revolutionary new training device.By giving students the ability to feel the perfect putting stroke, customized for their tempo, upswing, posture and style, RoboPutt impacts the fundamentals of the short game. Joe Sery stated, “It couldn’t be easier, the club moves you, all the student needs to do is hold on, and they will receive immediate feedback.” RoboPutt is designed to work independently with a student, or be incorporated into an instructor’s lesson program.RoboPutt provides a platform for the day when a written lesson in a publication becomes a lesson at local golf training centers. By allowing the readers to review the lesson in the publication, and incorporating the use of cloud technology, RoboPutt can download the lesson into its network. Subscribers can then place into practice what they’ve been reading with no room for error in form or execution. This training device will be an asset to the future of golf and training.

Imagine the day when a Tour Pro can retrieve the putting stroke they had two years ago. With RoboPutt, it is not only possible, but a present day reality.

RoboPutt plans on launching new locations nationwide, and will release more information about them soon.

For more information, visit www.roboputt.com or contact Rosemarie Naputi at rosemarie@roboputt.com or at 858-693-8900.

Rosemarie Naputi
(858) 693-8900