February 21, 2019

Robert “RT” Todd: Promote Yourself

Robert “RT” Todd, the author of the children’s golf book, “Fore’ Your Family from Todd the Frog”, is the PGA director of golf development at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York.

Robert “RT” Todd on the importance of promoting yourself:
PGA Professionals and golfers in general seem to have a special bond; once a person recognizes that the other plays golf, great conversations can begin. When I go out in public, I always make sure I show my colors by wearing the PGA logo or my facility branded jacket, cap or shirt. I am amazed at how many people ask if I am a PGA Professional or inquire about the courses I have played. The conversation can lead to many other topics like lessons, travel, tournaments, family and many other subjects the person feels you may have in common with them. I have fun talking to people about golf and promoting my facility and I always try to take it to the next level. In some cases, I notice people who are sporting a golf logo and approach them with conversation. These conversations have led to private lessons, clinic registrations and even travel packages at Turning Stone.

Robert “RT” Todd on the business impact of promoting yourself:
Clearly, I have witnessed the benefits of cross promoting and believe you can build relationships that will generate more business in the future. My interpretation of player development is to get out of the office and find ways to entertain those who want to play golf, learn the game, or return to the game. We need to figure out a way to connect with consumers and learn what they want from golf and when they want it. We have to put ourselves in a position to listen and to make the game more user-friendly. As a result of promoting myself and the PGA brand, approximately 82 percent of the people I communicate with reach out to me about setting up a golf reservation or to give them a tour around the property.


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