October 28, 2023

Riley Sherwood: Engage Members in a Pre-Sale During Busy Times of the Year

Riley Sherwood, AGM, is the Golf Shop Manager and Merchandiser at Wichita Country Club in Wichita, Kansas.

Riley Sherwood on the importance of engaging members in a pre-sale during busy times of the year:

Last year, I came up with the idea of doing a “Ladies Only Holiday Pre-Sale” in addition to our regular holiday sales. Typically, during the months of November and December, we pick about 6-8 dates and do a balloon popping sale, where we fill 75-80 balloons with discounts ranging from 20 to 40 percent inside. Once the member is done doing their shopping, they select one balloon on the floor, we pop the balloon, and whatever discount is inside is the discount they get on their purchase. During these sales, we have cocktails and hors d’oeuvres available in the Golf Shop. The idea of kicking off the sales – and the day – with a “Ladies Only” event made the female members feel special, almost like they had first dibs at items in the shop.

Riley Sherwood on the business impact of engaging members in a pre-sale during busy times of the year:

We did just over $17,000 in sales in three hours which was more than we ever imagined! We got about 50 women in the shop throughout the event and made a party out of it. Additionally, I invited a local artist and member to our sale and she brought pieces of her art that we worked in with our Holiday displays. We didn’t profit any on her sales that night, but it was a win-win for both parties because she was able to get her name out there and was able to make some sales that night, just with her art being in the shop. And for us, it spruced up our displays and broke up the merchandise with beautiful painted artwork. If you’re about to launch a big sale, consider doing a pre-sale program. It may make a big event even larger.

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