March 8, 2017

P&W Golf Supply LLC / Wittek Golf Acquires Golf Supply House / Eagle One Golf Supply

P&W Golf Supply LLC (Wittek Golf), the leader in Golf Supply business today announced its acquisition of Golf Supply House DBA Eagle One Golf Supply.

Eagle One is a golf supply business based in Anaheim, CA. They have served in the golf industry for more than 25 years. Eagle One was built on providing their customers with top-notch golf products, supplies and service.

Wittek Golf, founded in 1946, specializes and leader in helping golf businesses with all their products and golf supply needs. With now locations in IL and CA, it is one of the fastest growing Golf Supply businesses in the World.

The Eagle One team of sales, support and operations staff has joined Wittek Golf for now and will service the Eagle One customer base. Wittek’s team of admin and sales professionals will work with Eagle One customers to ensure a smooth transition.  Tim Pruban and Gene Pruban, the ownership team from Wittek, was quoted as saying, “The idea of acquiring Eagle One just seemed to make sense. We operate on similar philosophies and share an intense customer focus. We expect Eagle One customers to benefit from the expanded product and service offerings Wittek provides and look forward to serving them for years to come.”

Details of the transaction are confidential.