August 18, 2016

Putting Arc Introduces MS-3D Putting Arc

 Congratulations to Gene Sauers for his win at the USGA Senior Open, his first Champions Tour win and his first major.
Congratulations also to Miguel Angel Jimenez and Billy Mayfair for their T2 finish at this tournament. Miguel played in only three of the five Champions Tour majors, yet he finished T2, T3 and T2 in these tournaments.

Four of the top five finishers at this last Champions Tour major are known Putting Arc users.

We are still getting a lot of calls for the original, wooden Deluxe Putting Arc, which we have not made in a few years. We highly recommend the new MS-3D Putting Arc for anyone teaching or playing. It is equivalent or superior to the Deluxe for the following reasons:

1. It has the same usable area as the Deluxe.
2. It has enough weight to remain in place, even on a slippery surface.
3. It has a toe arc as well as the original heel arc, so you can balance your stroke.
4. It has an adjustable mirror so you can check for head or body movement, and eye, shoulder, or body alignment.
5. It is fully waterproof. You can use it in your shower if you want.
6. And, it costs less that the Original Deluxe Putting Arc.

Shown here is Putting Arc Brand Ambassador Amelia Lewis teaching with the new MS-3D and the older MSIII. She is using the “Bridge Drill” shown in a YouTube video on our website. The MS-3D can be used with any of the other Putting Arcs for this drill, including the smaller T3.

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