January 10, 2014

Pure Grips to Exhibit at the PGA Show

PURE grips will be heading to its third PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla., with new products, new partners and one of the world’s great golf teachers in tow. PURE will display their products at Booth 1529 on the show floor, as well as the Outdoor Demo Day at the Orange County National Golf Center on Jan. 25.

Last year was a busy and successful one for the young brand, as they added leading equipment makers PING and Muira as partners and launched the industry’s first, all-rubber colored grips. In December, Hank Haney signed on to serve as the face of PURE grips, promoting them through the company’s various marketing efforts.

From 11 a.m. until noon on Friday, Jan. 26, Hank Haney will be at the PURE grips booth to talk about the products and greet customers. Haney uses PURE products throughout his various business ventures, including his golf schools and teaching academies both in the United States and internationally.

“I’m excited to work with PURE grips because of the high quality of the grips, as well as the ability to custom fit my students through their unique application of tapeless installation,” Haney said. “As a teacher, I believe that custom fitting the club to the golfer is imperative. Until now, it was hard to get dialed in on the grip, but PURE’s options and the ability to grip, remove and re-grip with ease really helps us get a player in the right grip for their game.”

“I love the focus on quality, the commitment to R&D and precision manufacturing as well as the fact that the grips are actually manufactured in the USA,” said Haney, who is also an equity holder in the Arizona-based manufacturer.

The star of Golf Channel’s popular reality program The Haney Project, Haney is active in raising the awareness of PURE grips through its social media channels. Haney has instructed more than 200 touring professionals throughout his career. His students have won every major championship in professional, amateur and junior golf.

“There is no better teacher in the game than Hank Haney, and there’s no better face for PURE grips than Hank Haney,” said Wes Brasher, founder and CEO of PURE grips. “We’re excited about what Hank brings to the table for us, as well as what PURE grips can do to assist his students.”

PURE grips feature superior feel and comfort, exceptional durability and easy installation, all at a great value. PURE’s innovative precision molding process uses the company’s proprietary rubber formula, which creates grips that are highly durable, appealingly tacky and are available in a range of firmness options for shock absorption and feel. All PURE grips are guaranteed to remain supple and tacky and to perform in all conditions for 12 months.

In addition to their unmatched quality, PURE grips are now available in several vibrant colors. PURE will unveil grips in orange, yellow, light blue, purple and light pink at the PGA Show, adding to its current offerings of black, white, red, green, blue and hot pink.

PURE grips require no adhesive tapes or solvents to install. Instead, they are installed using a proprietary quick-connecting tool, which uses the simple power of air pressure to install the grips as securely as any adhesive. Once installed on a steel or graphite shaft, the grip provides optimal stability while the elasticity of the rubber combines with friction to create “rubber memory,” ensuring the grip will not loosen or slip.

About PURE grips
Scottsdale-based PURE grips feature a unique combination of performance, feel, durability and value unmatched in the golf industry. Through their innovative molding, design and rubber formulation, PURE grips deliver a unique combination of great feel, guaranteed durability and water resistance for all-weather performance. PURE grips are installed using a proprietary quick-connecting tool and require no adhesive tapes or solvents. All PURE grips are guaranteed to remain supple and tacky and to perform in all conditions for 12 months. For more information on PURE grips, visit them online at

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