April 30, 2019

Pukka and GRAA Kickoff Their 2019 Range Brews Events

Findlay, Ohio – The 2019 Range Brews events that Pukka has pioneered with their partners at the Golf Range Association of America and PGA Magazine have begun. Pukka’s stronghold in Golf and the world of Craft Beer, will help bring the synergies between these two markets to five different regions during 2019. The ability to bring a hometown brewery into the surrounding communities via golf has really been amazing for the growth of the game and the local brewer. Pukka has always lived by the “Be Original” philosophy and working together with local craft breweries and golf courses to host these events, is proving to be a great way to bring a fun and different vibe into golf.

“It has been a pleasure working with Pukka on such a unique program as the Golf Range Association of America Range Brews. Through our pooled resources, we’ve been able to build a program that’s given golf facilities, PGA Professionals and golfers an evening of entertainment, craft beer and fun.” Patrick Cherry – PGA Magazine/GRAA

Pukka is the exclusive headwear partner for the GRAA’s Range Brews events. If your course is looking to “tap” into these events, please get in touch with us to speak further about this opportunity.

Press Contact:
Mike Hiskey
(714) 350 6367

About Pukka:

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