June 4, 2019

Preston Combs: Offer Instruction in Different Formats

Preston Combs, PGA is the 2018 Southern California PGA Northern Chapter Teacher of the Year and Instructor at Don Parsons Golf in Santa Barbara, California.

Preston Combs, PGA Teaching Professional at Don Parsons Golf Instruction in Santa Barbara, California, reports that part of the main programming at the facility is a Group Golf Coaching Program. “Rather than expecting golfers to improve by taking one private lesson each month, we structured this program like a gym membership,” says Combs. “We’ve found that rather than offer line instruction, working with players on developing essential skills through a series of games and stations is far more effective.” This type of environment allows golfers to have “their own way of doing things,” while still improving key areas. Class sizes are five to six students per instructor with a maximum of 10 people and two instructors in a given class. The classes are divided into pods and the pods spend 12 to 15 minutes at each station. “Movement and constantly changing the environment is more engaging than hitting chip shots for an hour.”