April 22, 2014

Power Tee Upgrades DeLavega Golf and Lodge

DeLaveaga Golf and Lodge, Santa Cruz, California has installed 20 Power Tee® automated tee systems as part of an upgrade that Head Golf Professional, Tim Loustalot, says will enhance the experience of more than 5,500 golfers who regularly drive nearly 4 million balls per year at the Northern California facility.

“The Power Tee systems have added a ‘wow factor’ to our range experience,” says Loustalot. “Since we installed them, they’ve been very well received. They make practice easier and more enjoyable since golfers don’t have to bend down and tee up every ball. Power Tee also makes good business sense for our range. We’ve raised our ball prices and received absolutely no complaints from our golfers, who see Power Tee as an upgrade.”

DeLaveaga Golf Course is perched atop the hills surrounding Santa Cruz, California. One of the top-ranked public courses in California, the facility also offers a full-service golf shop, two-story lighted driving range and an award-winning restaurant.

“Power Tee will more than cover its cost on price rise alone and there will be a sharp lift in the number of balls hit to go with it, Tim is a great operator and will do very well with the system,” said Martin Wyeth, president of Golf-Tech Inc., manufacturer of Power Tee. “Now that the economy seems to be grinding back into life we are ready to support ranges in their endeavors to grow their business and win more customers to the game of golf.”

About Power Tee

Power Tee is the patented creation of Golf-Tech Limited, a British company formed in 1996 to develop the fully automated tee for the range industry. Launched in 1999, Power Tee is now installed in more than half of the commercial ranges in UK and operates in 16 countries around the world. Winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation, Power Tee is the world’s leading
automatic tee system. It has been available in North America since 2009 when Wyeth relocated to Florida, bringing key team members to set up Golf-Tech Inc. Power Tee offers unique lowrisk leasing arrangements with provisions available to accommodate the seasonality of some driving ranges’ operations.

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