April 23, 2019

Power Tee Reports on its Environmental Impact

It’s Sunday afternoon, you and your friends just teed off. You are drinking, riding around on the golf cart and hitting great shots, so what is there to worry about?

According to a study done by a medical school professor at the University of Iowa in the 1990’s, under contract with the Golf Course Superintendents Association (GCSAA), golf course superintendents have a higher mortality from certain cancers, including lung, brain, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, large intestine and prostate because golf courses are typically among the areas most heavily treated with toxic pesticides.

The studies have since continued. In 2017, filmmaker Andrew Nisker started hunting for answers after his father passed from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and his research surprisingly leads him to the golf course. In the film, Dad and the Dandelions, Nisker discovers that these greens are anything but what they look like. He attends a golf industry trade show and sees the array of chemicals offered to achieve the championship perfection. There are 34,000 golf courses around the world and very, very few don’t use pesticides. The documentary begs the question: is there a way around this?

Nisker bounces from golf course to golf course which leads him to St. Andrews (Home of Golf). The course is kept in shape by rabbits and cattle, not chemicals like many other courses. Can this be done by other courses around the world?

One can only take small steps to change the world, but it has to start somewhere. One small step is the installation of Power Tee. While it doesn’t completely solve the pesticides problem, installing Power Tee will save a golf course from putting chemicals and a harmful fertilizer down on the tee line and also cuts back on the use of water. When talking about electricity, in the act of teeing up a ball, Power Tee draws about 40W. When it is standing by, it is about 2W. Comparatively, an average toaster uses about 1500W, so 40 Power Tees use less electricity than 1 toaster.


The danger of pesticides can be avoided with Power Tee installation, good turf care and the education of the dangers. Power Tee has been installed in 18 different countries over the past 23 years, helping facilities such as St. Andrews (Home of Golf), Wentworth, The Belfry, Le Golf National and many more top performing facilities around the world. Again, Power Tee doesn’t completely get rid of the use of pesticides on a golf course, but is a step in the right direction to helping a golf course’s range become less harmful for golfers and the environment.

Research found on beyondpesticides.org and cbc.ca


About Power Tee

Power Tee® is an internationally patented automatic practice system that makes practicing golf more efficient, effective and fun. Created by Martin Wyeth and endorsed by US Open Champion and 2018 USA Ryder Cup Captain, Jim Furyk, winner of 21 events Worldwide and 2018 European Ryder Cup Captain, Thomas Bjorn and Elite Coach, Mitchell Spearman. The system operates in 18 countries and can be found at many of the world’s most prestigious golf clubs such as St. Andrews, the Belfry, Dromoland Castle and Le Golf National – hosts of the 2018 Ryder Cup. Power Tee® tees up more than six million balls a day and assists golfers of all ages and skill levels in improving their swing through repetition and rhythm in a consistent setting.

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