January 17, 2017

Pitch Grip Golf Launches Lag Pressure Trainer at 2017 PGA Show

Pitch Grip Golf is releasing the company’s unique Lag Pressure Trainer in booth #3490 at the 2017 Orlando PGA Show. The Lag Pressure Trainer is the only single-handed training club on the market, which allows a golfer to isolate the right hand to increase lag pressure in the golf swing.

“The market feedback has been excellent for our Lag Pressure Trainer,” stated Pitch Grip Golf President John LaVelle. “We see major improvements in a golfer’s ability to feel lag pressure with the right hand solely swinging our unique club, and the strong ability for an individual to transition this feel to a standard club is resulting in greater distance and higher levels of accuracy.”

The Lag Pressure Trainer by Pitch Grip© accomplishes this by having the left-hand form built into the grip. The golfer enjoys the same leverage and pressure points the right hand normally feels, without the overpowering left hand on the club. Increasing the circumference for index finger control gives noticeable feedback to the golfer. The Trigger Finger Channel© makes it possible for golfers of all levels to understand how the index finger can actually control the club head. Just like throwing a ball, the right hand has coordination which will be understood in the golf swing with the help of this feature.

The market rollout for the Lag Pressure Trainer will be led by The Duran Group, utilizing a nationwide sales team for sales exclusively to golf pro shops and golf specialty stores. “The Lag Pressure Trainer is the most effective product we’ve ever seen for a golfer to learn to increase lag pressure and clubhead speed,” stated Tony Duran, President/Founder of The Duran Group. “It’s amazing how a golfer’s brain accelerates in the learning process when there is a single arm swinging the golf club. We are excited about the high market potential for the Lag Pressure Trainer by Pitch Grip©, and this new innovation is a must-see item at the upcoming Orlando PGA Show.”

Pitch Grip Golf will offer a free demo club for golf shops purchasing five units at the Orlando PGA Show, and also a pro personal use price of $35 (including freight) for golf teaching professionals. The patented grip, shorter shaft length and lighter clubhead allow a golfer to swing the club freely in a pitching motion with a single arm.

About Pitch Grip Golf
Located in St. Louis, MO., Pitch Grip Golf was founded in 2015 by John LaVelle, certified Golfing Machine instructor. Over 20 years of studying golf swing theory provided the foundation of their flagship product, Pitch Grip Lag Pressure Training Club. Visit pitchgripgolf.com or call 800.810.0351 for more information.

About The Duran Group
Headquartered in Orange County, CA, The Duran Group is the largest sales and marketing firm in golf. With established working relationships with over 6500 golf pro shop locations in the USA golf market, The Duran Group has been an integral part of the growth of over 50 golf and sports companies over the past 25 years, including the development of several new categories in golf such as plastic spikes, hybrid clubs, Golf GPS and single rider standing electric carts. The Duran Group also owns the National Golf Sales Association (NGSA) which is one of the five major associations in the Golf Industry. For more information: durangroup.com, 800.746.8144. Ext. 101