June 13, 2014

Phil Owenby: Host Practice Parties for Overnight Guests and Members

Phil-OwenbyPhil Owenby, the 2010 Middle Atlantic PGA Section Golf Professional of the Year, is the PGA general manager at Kinloch Golf Club in Manakin Sabot, Virginia.

Phil Owenby on the importance of hosting practice parties for overnight guests and members:
For the past seven or eight years, we have put the comprehensive nature of our facility on display by hosting “cocktail practice parties” for guests of members or members themselves staying in our three cottages. Typically between 8-16 individuals will arrive in the evening after a round of golf, and we will then have our PGA Professionals and licensed physical therapist assist with launch monitor clubfittings, video swing analysis and putter studio activities within the indoor hitting bays. We also have a bar area in the training facility where the golfers can have their favorite beverage during the hour-long session, so this is a casual atmosphere where individuals can learn more about their golf game. Everyone can check out clubs for their next round of golf, which has become popular since they can demo new equipment and have their clubs analyzed. For us, the cocktail practice parties are an entertainment vehicle to introduce all of the facets of Kinloch, and this is a part of our overall focus on business entertainment with golf. Individuals become great ambassadors for us and help to spread the overall reputation of quality and service we offer.

Phil Owenby on the business impact of hosting practice parties for overnight guests and members:
If we host 16 people, usually two or four of those players will come back for a 45-minute clubfitting session or for a lesson from one of our PGA instructors. Many of them are seeing their swings on video for the first time, so it is a great opportunity to offer them a lesson if they want to spend more than just a few minutes working on their swing at the cocktail practice party. It has become common for members to entertain 16-20 clients to stay at the cottages because they realize the cocktail practice parties are a unique feature offered at their club.

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