January 20, 2016

Phil Green: Attend the PGA Merchandise Show For All of Your Range Needs

phil-greenPhil Green, the 2013 Northern California PGA Section Player Development award winner, is the owner of Home on the Range in New Castle, California.

Phil Green on the importance of attend the PGA Merchandise Show for all of your range needs:
Some years back we completely renovated our range, making full improvements meant to last.  I attended the PGA Merchandise Show to meet vendors and purchase all of our range needs within our budget.  On the hunt for netting, turf, lighting, covering, a cart-operated ball-picker and ball washer, golf balls, synthetic putting green, yardage markers and more.  I was able to make meetings in advance, and when on site I grabbed a map and planned my way around.  During the trip I was able to order everything we needed, and returned home to begin the process.

Phil Green on the business impact of attend the PGA Merchandise Show for all of your range needs:
I headed to the PGA Merchandise Show with a $250,000 budget to secure all of our needs for the range.  All said and done, I went over budget by $30,000, spending $280,000 on everything.  Although I went over budget, I was able to secure ranging discounts from 15-25 percent on items purchased at the PGA Merchandise Show.  When we returned home, we spent an additional $200,000 on infrastructure and establishment, which drove our total range renovation to $500,000.  This investment was significant, but the discounts and items purchased at the PGA Merchandise Show are here to last and serve millions of customers annually!

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