April 9, 2014

Pellucid Corp. Releases 2013 Weather Impact Analyses

The weather forecasting Hall of Fame may be empty, but our prediction of worse weather in 2013 at our State of the Industry presentation early this year is unfortunately proving to be accurate. In the last two weeks, we have turned on a host of new stations to provide reports to golf courses and management companies looking to quantify the impact of weather upon their Year-to-Date performance via our Weather Impact Analyses.If you are an Owner looking to explain weather impact to your lender or a Manager looking to quantify that impact to your Owner, Pellucid has an inexpensive and simple summary available to help you answer that question. Here is a partial sample of how bad things have been in one major Midwestern Designated Marketing Area.And we thought 2011 was bad – 2013 Golf Playable Hours and Capacity Rounds (shown above) are down 84% from 2012. Our report details Year to Date, Monthly and Day of Week totals computed through the previous day. One time reports are $120 and can be ordered on the Pellucid website in our online store. As an added bonus, we will include a full year 2012 report that provides comparisons with 2010 and 2011.

To view a sample report, click on the following link:
To order a report for your facility, use the following link:

Our Cognilogic server provides online access to these reports for those wanting to track weather during the season. For those adding that capability to the one time report, the cost for a full year subscription is only an additional $120 (no setup fee).

Stuart Lindsay
(262) 241-7088