October 7, 2014

Pellucid Corp. Publishes 2013 Top U.S. Golf Markets Ranking

Pellucid announces the publication of its 2013 Top 25 US Golf Markets Ranking which identifies the top markets in the country in golf importance (golfers, supply, rounds played) and then provides a health ranking based on 8 Pellucid-derived key measures. While not the definitive “final word” on all the measures and nuances that contribute to golf industry health at the market level, in this our 4th annual version of the rankings we continue to add breadth of facts and increased rigor in the key measures that comprise what we believe is the industry-standard in comparing the performance and relative health of these 25 Metropolitan Core Business Statistical Areas (CBSAs).

In this 2013 update of our annual report (it’s not a typo, the consumer base metrics which are key to the report are collected in arrears so we standardize everything to that “current” period), we compile over 75 individual measures spanning the macro variables of population, the golfer base, golf supply, supply mix, rounds demand, weather impact, average public facility golf fee revenue and average public facility maintenance costs. From these basic measures, we have created 8 key measures which are used to score and rank each market:

• Population projected growth/decline
• Play Rate (rounds/capita/year, combines the measures of Participation and Frequency rates for the market)
• Public golfers per public 18-hole equivalents (EHE) of supply
• Rounds demand, annualized rate of growth/decline since 2000
• Supply dilution, the net effect of historical supply build vs. both population growth and rounds demand growth/decline since 1990
• Utilization %, average facility rounds “throughput,” net of weather
• Estimated Golf Fees Revenue-per-Available-Round (RevpAR), average public facility revenue generation measure, net of weather
• Estimated Golf Fees Profit-per-Available-Round, applying market-based average annual public facility Maintenance Fees and Cost of Living adjustments to the RevpAR to determine the rough Golf Fees profitability of comparative markets, net of weather

Applying a composite scoring system to the above 8 variables for each of the Top 25 US Golf Markets, the report ranks them according to relative health (relative being the operative word here; by our calculations there are no markets currently swimming in cash) as well as providing the nearly 2,000 component facts across the 25 markets (and the Total US values) which drive the scorecard and ranking.

Register at Pellucid’s website using the URL below and we’ll send you a sample of the scorecard, a summary table of the Top 25 Markets ranking and this month’s Outside the Ropes newsletter which provides an overview of the findings:

There are two ways to purchase the report for those interested in adding this to their information and insight arsenal:

1) Purchase the Top 25 US Golf Markets Ranking report for $495 via the Pellucid website using a credit card and the following link:
2) An even better value is the Pellucid Publications Membership which includes the Top 25 report as well as our monthly digital newsletter Outside the Ropes (12 issues), the annual State of the Industry report (both .pdf color commentary report and .ppt presentation slides from our annual PGA Merchandise Show “talk”), the Monthly Weather Impact Tracking reports (National, Regional and Market-level) and the annual National Golf Consumer Franchise Scorecard (golfer base size, dimensions and health). This package of reports is also $495 and can also be ordered via the above link (we’ll see which of you are good at comparative value math here).

For those parties wanting to be invoiced (or any current subscribers to any of the above publications who’d like to upgrade to the Publications Membership), please email Jim Koppenhaver at jimk@pellucidcorp.com and we’ll generate one and send it to you via email along with the reports.

In challenging industry economic times, the need to understand market dynamics, key health measures and comparative values across geographies is increasingly critical to make better-informed decisions based on whether you’re fighting a gale-force headwind or whether you’re in one of those few fortunate geographies with a whisper of a tailwind. It can inform a decision to “hang on and compete more effectively” or “start looking for the nearest exit” (hint, this is as close as you’re going to get to floor illumination leading you to the nearest door). For more information or to order any of Pellucid’s products, please contact Jim Koppenhaver jimk@pellucidcorp.com or visit our website atpellucidcorp.com.

Pellucid’s information and insights into the industry key metrics and health measures appeal to industry stakeholders who understand that, “Hope is not a strategy.”