June 11, 2014

Pellucid Corp. Publishes 2013 Consumer Franchise Scorecard

Pellucid announces the publication of the 2013 Consumer Franchise Scorecard which quantifies the size (number of golfers), play dynamics (Frequency and Play Rates), involvement level (Committeds, Involveds, Casuals) and demographics (age, income, gender) including the rate of change vs. the 2012 reading. Despite the increasing frequency and intensity of industry association cheerleaders’ attempts to “wish” an increase in the consumer base into existence, unfortunately the facts show both a decline in the consumer base and an accelerated rate of decline compared to the previous year.

Pellucid’s annual update of the golf consumer franchise at the national level provides quantified detail for the primary dimensions of health which we developed in the early 2000s and have continued to refine:

– Golfer base size and participation rate – We again lost more than 1M golfers net in 2013, falling below the 23M mark which precipitated a decline in participation to the 8% of US population mark which takes us back to pre-1990 levels. For those who wanted to turn the clock back to the “pre-build-a-course-a-day” period, wish granted (at least on the consumer base side of the equation, we’re still saddled with all those additional courses we were supposed to need)

– Frequency Rate and Involvement levels – One encouraging measure was a slight increase in Frequency (rds/golfer/yr) however this measure continues to trade in a fairly narrow range of 21-23 rds/yr over the past decade. The golfer loss occurred across in the Casual (1-9 rds/yr) and Involveds (10-39 rds/yr) groups while the Committeds (40+ rds/yr) held their ground in golfers.

– Play Rate – The composite measure of rounds per capita per year dropped marginally driven by the large decline in the golfer base despite modest population growth (the denominator of rounds per capita per year) and slightly mitigated by the frequency gain.

– Demographics – Looking across the demographic groups, the demand decline was driven by males, the 25-54 age and the $35K-$74.9K HH income groups.

The full scorecard with the above values, the detailed components (i.e. the age and income group subdivisions) and the rate of change for 2013 vs. 2102 in Excel format is available for purchase for $195 via the Pellucid website (pellucidcorp.com/purchase-reports/online-store?page=shop.browse&category_id=8). A sample of the report format can be viewed prior to purchase. For clients preferring an invoice, email Jim Koppenhaver (jimk@pellucidcorp.com) to request one and receive the report upon payment.

For an even better value, the Golf Consumer Franchise Report can also be purchased as a component of Pellucid’s Publications Membership subscription for $495 annually. This portfolio of reports includes:

– Outside the Ropes monthly digital newsletter subscription (12 issues/yr, $130 purchased separately)

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For more information or to order any of Pellucid’s products, please contact Jim Koppenhaver at 847.808.7651 or jimk@pellucidcorp.com or visit our website at pellucidcorp.com.

Pellucid’s information and insights into the industry key metrics and health measures appeal to industry stakeholders who understand that, “Hope is not a strategy.”

Jim Koppenhaver, President, Pellucid Corp.?jimk@pellucidcorp.com?pellucidcorp.com