January 28, 2015

Pellucid Corp. Presented its 2014 State of the Industry Assessment at 2015 PGA Show

Pellucid unveiled its 2014 State of the Industry (SoI) assessment and commentary to an audience of 250+ inquisitive minds during last week’s PGA Merchandise Show. The one hour presentation and discussion drew some of the best and brightest industry thinkers including over 75 PGA Professionals who received MSR credit for their attendance. In addition to the in-person audience, Pellucid this year expanded its reach beyond the walls of the Orange County Convention Center by incorporating a live webcast of both the morning and afternoon sessions which attracted roughly 100 remote participants.

The 70-slide PowerPoint presentation is now available for purchase via the Pellucid website using the following link: 2014 State of the Industry.

Upon successful payment processing, purchasers will be able to immediately download the presentation to view and save. The major topics covered in this year’s macro industry view are:
• Facility revenue, a “waterfall” review of what’s beneath the $29.5B results
• Supply/demand, slow-drip of absorption continues; Pellucid’s “countdown” calculation (in years) to 1995 equilibrium level
• Utilization and Weather Impact, how did weather contribute to our 2% rounds decline?
• Rounds demand, basically flat results, did both sectors/all facility types participate equally?
• Golfer base, another year, another net 1M golfers out the door, who were they and why did rounds decline at a slower pace?
• Equipment sales, a year we’d rather forget, Woods woes got all the press but Balls in the Off-Course channel had a similar meltdown that the general media didn’t pick up on
• Top 25 US Golf Markets, which are the “healthiest” and which are challenged in the fundamentals of population growth, golfer base, supply “overhang”, Utilization, Revenue-per-Available Round etc.
• Payment technology, new regulations are about to “rock your world,” has your payment processor told you about them yet?
• New technology that will accompany payment processing will increasingly take us “to the cloud” and also drag the industry (kicking and screaming) into a new age of information, reports and analytics
• The Millennials want golf to be special occasion, wonder why your “commodity” message isn’t getting through? (oh yeah, mobile payment capability might also be an increasing reason)

Purchasers will also get the 25-30 page commentary report in .pdf format when released in mid-February as well as access to the video of the Orlando presentation (end February) to round out their purchase.

An even better value is the Pellucid Publications Membership (PPM) which includes the SoI as well as the following additional Pellucid information products:
1. Monthly Outside the Ropes digital newsletter
2. Monthly US/Reg/Mkt-level Weather Impact analysis
3. Annual Top 25 US Golf Markets Health Scorecard and Ranking
4. Annual US Golf Consumer Franchise Health Scorecard

At the price of $495 annually, it’s a great value vs. purchasing the above separately (~50%) and provides a complete picture and monthly updates of the ongoing health of our industry. Samples of the above are available on the Pellucid website and you can order PPM directly from the online store: Pellucid Publications Membership.

Instead of us singing our praises, we’ll let the following quotes from attendees to this year’s session speak for us:

“Your State of the Industry seminar is without a doubt the best way to spend a couple of hours at the PGA Show, especially if someone would like to get a little smarter (hopefully some of us do).”

“Thanks for an excellent overview and meeting last week at the Show!! It was quick, concise and informative and a welcome break from touring the endless number of booths in the main hall.”

“I tried to take good notes, but I know I missed some stuff because you guys were moving so fast. I thought this might have been the best SOTI I’ve seen you guys make, both in terms of the quality of the information and analysis, and the way the material was delivered.”

“If any industry merits some pessimism, it’s golf. I just thought you guys were really on top of your games Thursday with the information, lightened with some humor. Good job. I also was struck by the turnout. Most years there are a few empty seats, but Thursday morning it was SRO.”

Order today, the nearly three hundred people who participated at the PGA Show won’t steer you wrong! Next up, for those attending the Golf Industry Show in February, we’ll be webcasting the Orlando presentation on Wed 2/25 and Thu 2/26 for your education and entertainment. Details on registering will be announced the first week in February or, if you’d like to sign up in advance, email us at

Jim Koppenhaver, President, Pellucid Corp.