July 29, 2013

Patrick Gunning: Make a Simple Personal Website to Promote Yourself

Patrick-GunningPatrick Gunning is a PGA assistant professional at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton, N.Y., and Seminole Golf Club in Juno Beach, Fla.

Patrick Gunning on the importance of making a simple personal website to promote yourself:
As a PGA assistant professional hoping to one day be a PGA head professional, I believe that self-promotion is essential. Last fall, when we had a few slow days at Shinnecock, I sat down and created my own website ( There are a few different sections that highlight my industry experience, instruction, contact information, and thoughts on current trends. I also included a section about the PGA Golf Management University Program at Penn State, from which I graduated in 2008. Many professionals may believe they need an extensive knowledge of computers and code to create a website. The site took me only one day to create using a service provided by WordPress without having to write one line of code! I’m proud that when you Google my name, my website is the second result that shows up. If any club member or PGA Professional is looking for information on me, they don’t have to look far at all. Many teaching professionals have a personal website, but I think all PGA Professionals could benefit greatly from taking a few hours to set up an easy-to-use page.

Patrick Gunning on the business impact of making a simple personal website to promote yourself:
The direct financial impact is small since my income is not tied to drawing in the public for lessons, but the overall impact is tremendous. The website gives me added exposure and helps greatly in my professional development, networking and focus of moving forward in the golf industry. While I am using it to help in advancing my career, any golf teacher giving lessons at public facilities should absolutely use it to help fill the lesson book.