November 13, 2013

Orlimar Introduces 2014 Product Line

Orlimar is introducing an entire new line of high performance products for the 2014 season and the Driv-Brid golf club highlights the line. The Driv-Brid is the perfect club off the tee, in the fairway or in the rough. The 17 degree  hybrid has a low and deep center of gravity combined with a camber sole resulting in a higher launch angle and more penetrating ball flight. The combination gives golfers more playability, consistency and greater distance for all types of lies.

“The Driv-Brid golf club was designed for the golfer who is looking for a club that is versatile and especially easy to hit off of any lie,” said Alex Resnik, Product Marketing Manager, Orlimar. “We have done significant testing with the Driv-Brid and golfers at all handicap levels like the look, feel and performance of the club. It has a very appealing look at address and is extremely easy to hit and gets the ball up in the air quickly.”

The Driv-Brid features a traditional shaped, low profile, stainless steel head with eight grams of weight strategically placed on the rear part of the sole, positioning the center of gravity low and deep resulting in a high launch angle with a more penetrating ball flight. The camber sole reduces turf drag and provides more lift and consistent shots off any lie. The Driv-Brid comes in a 17 degree loft with minimal offset. The crown has a matte black finish that prevents glare and enhances alignment.

The Driv-Brid is available in right hand only with Project X graphite shafts by Royal Precision. The shafts are available in 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5. Custom shafts are available upon request. The Driv-Brid is currently available in golf shops and golf specialty stores at a suggested retail of $199.

Driv-Brid Specs:

Loft: 17 degrees

Volume:  115

Lie: 60 degrees

Length: 41.5 inches

Face Angle: 0.5

Head Weight: 224 grams

Swing Weight:  D1

Orlimar has been manufacturing and distributing golf equipment since 1959 and offers a complete line of performance golf products including clubs, bags, balls, carts and accessories.  Headquartered in Flushing, Mich., Orlimar is owned by King Par LLC, a privately held company.  For information on Orlimar call 888.502.4653, visit

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