November 8, 2013

Ogio Introduces 2014 Bag Collection

The newest styles, White Charcoal, Zigpin, Endurance, Raceday and Cynderfunk, sport innovative and stylish designs sure to turn heads on the course
Salt Lake City, UT (November 7, 2013) – OGIO, a global leader in golf bag, apparel and accessories design, continues to fuel its rapid market share growth with the introduction of five new collections to the 2014 line-up. Each of the new additions features OGIO’s winning design formula of fusing unique styles meant to raise adrenaline levels at first glance, with innovative features. Golfers will enjoy the fashion statement of carrying one of OGIO’s newest collections while enjoying the intelligent design features and unparalleled quality which is cornerstone to OGIO’s reputation.The White Charcoal Collection includes OGIO’s Machu, Pisa, Giza, Grom, Ozone, Vapor, Duchess and Featherlite Lux bags. The White Charcoal was inspired from today’s men’s fashion and snow sports apparel and boasts a white option that hides the dirt and wear.

The Zigpin Collection is being rolled out for the Chamber, Pisa, Giza, Grom, Ozone, Vapor and Monster bags. The design is inspired from classic men’s pinstripe fashions but with OGIO’s acclaimed edgy interpretation. The combination of asymmetric pinstripes and bold color blocking delivers a look that is sure to get noticed at your club.

The Endurance Collection consists of the Cirrus, Nimbus and Nebula bags. This collection is inspired from OGIO’s roots in Endurance Sports, incorporating extremely light weight yet high tensile strength materials and aggressively styled color palette that will make any golfer feel like they could run versus walk the course.

The Raceday Collection was inspired from OGIO’s heritage in motor sports with a racing print creatively designed to inspire fashionably winning rounds of golf regardless of a golfer’s handicap.

The Cynderfunk Collection was born from OGIO’s award winning Lifestyle bag collections and customized for the golf links. This collection introduces geometric styles that are on trend with today’s men’s fashions.

“We pride ourselves on bringing unique fashions combined with intelligently designed features enveloped in high-quality materials to the golf market” said Tom Gocke, Global VP of OGIO Golf. “These new 2014 collections have all been carefully crafted to offer our customers an array of looks that will get noticed on the shelves and in the fairways.”

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About OGIO
OGIO International, Inc. carved a reputation as a designer of adrenaline-driven styled Golf bags and apparel born from our sports and lifestyle heritage. We built this reputation by crafting our collections from high-performance materials surrounding innovative design features that provide the ultimate combination of protection, comfort and organization. OGIO’s Golf collections have changed the style of golf and are designed to raise adrenaline levels at first glance.

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