March 17, 2015

Nippon Shaft to Release N.S. Pro Modus Wedge Shaft on March 30

Nippon Shaft will release a new steel shaft designed specifically for wedges on March 30, 2015 through most retailers across the United States as well as the Shaftology network of authorized Nippon Shaft installation centers.

More than 50 U.S. PGA and European PGA touring pros already use one of three versions of the new steel short-game shafts, which have been in the bags of more than 10 winners of global professional tournaments.

Using a new and patented MHT (multi-heat treatment) technology, Nippon Shaft has been able to design a shaft that improves “feel” around the greens and to create a shaft characterized by a low trajectory, consistent effective spin, and excellent directional stability, company officials said.

“Over the last few years, Nippon Shaft has worked closely with touring professionals in the U.S. and Europe to develop a wedge shaft that fits their specific needs as well as the needs of low-handicap amateurs,” said Hiro Fukuda, sales and marketing for the global company. “What emerged was the MODUS3 Wedge series, which we will proudly release to the public on March 30.”

The new MODUS3 Wedge series is an evolution of the N.S. PRO WV, a wedge-specific steel shaft Nippon developed primarily for touring pros in 2010. In the 2013-14 season, 41 U.S. and European touring pros used Nippon Shaft N.S. PRO WV shafts.

Nippon Shaft recently announced that 70 players on the U.S. and European PGA Tours utilized various models of Nippon Shaft’s steel shafts in their irons and wedges during the 2013-14 season, an increase of 69.5% over the previous year. Fifty-six U.S. PGA TOUR players and 14 European Tour members chose from among five types of Nippon Shaft steel shafts to outfit their irons. Iron shaft models used were the N.S. PRO 950GH, the N.S. PRO MODUS3 Tour 130, N.S. PRO MODUS3 Tour 120, N.S. PRO MODUS3 PROTO ST, and N.S. PRO MODUS3 PROTO ORA steel shafts.

In recent years, Nippon Shaft has been making inroads on the PGA TOUR with shafts designed for tour pros and low-handicap amateurs. For years, Nippon Shaft has been the most popular steel shaft on the LPGA Tour, thanks to its ability to manufacture a shaft that combines lightweight and sturdiness, which ensures maximum control.

Over the years, Nippon Shaft has recorded hundreds of victories on professional golf tours worldwide, as the best players in the world increasingly havechose to install in their irons steel shafts manufactured in Japan to unparalleled quality standards.

Nippon Shaft products are available globally either as stock or custom shafts in many of the world’s top iron brands. In addition, Nippon Shaft products are available through Nippon Shaft’s dedicated global club fitter network. Details of these can be found at

Nippon Shaft manufactures all of its steel and graphite shafts in a state-of-the-art factory in Komagane, Japan. The company’s integrated production lines are strictly monitored and controlled with thorough checks conducted responsibly through the entire production process. As a result, Nippon Shaft is able to control high product quality – from material selection to final testing.

Based in Yokohama, Japan, Nippon Shaft is the No. 1-selling steel shaft in Asia. Nippon Shaft is a privately-held subsidiary of NHK Spring Co. LTD, a Japanese automobile parts manufacturer. Nippon Shaft’s North American headquarters is in Carlsbad.

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