June 12, 2013

Nike Takes Nike Golf 360 App Global

-Press Release Beaverton, Ore.

Nike Golf brings its popular NG360 app to Europe and Canada with enhanced functionality and a new look.

The NG360 app, which launched in the United States last May, introduced a new way of tracking, competing and connecting with Nike Golf. The app available for iPhone, provided golfers with an innovative digital tool that made swing analysis, game tracking, and gear recommendations easy with the swipe of a fingertip.

With the latest NG360 app release, golf athletes will enjoy improved game-tracking and redesigned navigation, athletes will now be able to track rounds on more than 30,000 courses in the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and France.

The key components the app brings to athletes across the globe:

Golfers can score their rounds and track their statistics such as their scoring average, driving accuracy, greens in regulation and average putts per round. The NG360 app allows golfers to see how they stack up by monitoring results and beating their personal bests.
Golfers stay motivated by winning “trophies” as a result of improved statistics. New in-app leaderboards and user profiles make competing against Nike+ friends fun, easy and even more motivating. Personal bests & trophies have been updated, giving athletes more goals to accomplish during the season.

Capture your swing, break it down and dial it in. Then learn from the Pros and train like one with golf specific workouts. Insider content from the pros provides an array of tips to make getting better easy and enjoyable.
The training section also helps golf athletes get into golf shape thanks to Nike Golf’s partnership with the Gray Institute, the foremost leader in Applied Functional Science. The Gray Institute has developed the NG360 Functional Performance System that is tailored to golf movements that the body makes, a clear distinction from other training systems.

Golfers can navigate the latest Nike Golf products in the app that are suitable to their needs. Tools such as the Nike Golf Ball Recommender make it easy for golfers to find the right ball for their game. To help athletes get dialed from tee to green, driver setting recommendations and game analysis are included in the app.

“We wanted to take NG360 to our athletes across the globe,” said Sunny Miller, Global Digital Director for Nike Golf. “The app helps golfers to maximize their game with easy-to-navigate tools and tutorials. The updated NG360 app makes tracking and improving simpler, motivating athletes to know their game to better their game.”

Nike Golf abides by the steadfast philosophy that every golfer is an athlete, and no two golfers are the same. With the NG360 app, golfers have the unique opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of their own game, swing and body and a motivational tool to push them towards bigger goals on and off the course.

The NG360 app, now optimized for iPhone 5, is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at