December 28, 2017

Nancy Quarcelino: Make Group Purchases at the PGA Merchandise Show

Nancy Quarcelino, PGA, LPGA, the LPGA Teaching & Club Professional “Hall of Fame Member”, three-time Tennessee PGA Teacher of the Year, LPGA National Teacher of the Year 2000, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher – 16 years, Golf Digest Best Teachers in Tennessee and LPGA Top 50 Teacher, is the founder of the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nancy Quarcelino on the importance of making group purchases at the PGA Merchandise Show:
Technology has changed so much over the past few years that I’ve been upgrading some of the things I use, to make sure my students have the benefit of instruction with the best available technology. I upgrade my tablet computers and cameras each year, my teaching aids less often. For example, I’ve bought four launch monitors over the past 12 years. I make sure I get what I can easily afford so I don’t need to overcharge my students for it. One strategy for accomplishing this that has worked for me is making a group purchase with colleagues. Ten of us – men and women PGA Pros, from all around the country – approached a launch-monitor company together as a buyer group to make our purchases. Most of us already were good customers. At the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show, we purchased 10 units, which were delivered to us in May.

Nancy Quarcelino on the business impact of making group purchases at the PGA Merchandise Show:
Students now expect the integration of technology into your teaching. I upgrade my technology to make sure I am current. Students are astute; they know about technology. At the PGA Merchandise Show, our informal buyer group asked the launch-monitor company for the best trade-in value for the units we owned as well as the best purchase price for new units. As a result, we got very good trade-in value plus 15% off the price of our new units. I did not raise my instruction rates for students as a result of this purchase.


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