January 12, 2018

Nancy Quarcelino: Make Demo Day a Source of Equipment Sales

Nancy Quarcelino, PGA, LPGA, the LPGA Teaching & Club Professional “Hall of Fame Member”, three-time Tennessee PGA Teacher of the Year, LPGA National Teacher of the Year 2000, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher – 16 years, Golf Digest Best Teachers in Tennessee and LPGA Top 50 Teacher, is the founder of the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nancy Quarcelino on the importance of making demo day a source of equipment sales:
I’ve been doing demo days successfully for 20 years. This year, at our four-hour demo day on the range here at Gaylord Springs Golf Links at the start of the season, about 40 people attended, including women of all skill levels. Many people were kicking the tires to see what club they wanted to purchase. Some were beginners who had come through our classes last year; we greeted them and hand-carried them through the day, to make them feel comfortable. We had our six equipment brands available. After determining what club was best for a particular golfer, we ordered it and had it shipped either to the individual or to us. This year was different in that our club sales were run through Gaylord, and we priced clubs to match anywhere in town.

Nancy Quarcelino on the business impact of making a demo day a source of equipment sales:
Our demo day was marketed to the pass holders of Gaylord Springs, to the resort data base and our own data base, as well as to local members and vacationers. We put out a tent and a flag highlighting our golf school. Our building, in use at demo day, also says Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf. In 2017, we had nine club sales attributed to our golf school, with a 100% closure on our club sales. Additionally, in the period following demo day, quite a few people inquired about lessons as a result of their memorable experience that day.