April 10, 2013

Mobiplex Unveils New SwingTIP ProView Mobile App for Golf Swing Improvement

-Press Release, Santa Clara, Calif.

Mobiplex® Inc., creators of mobile sports performance technology, today announced the availability of the SwingTIP ProView App, the next generation of software that complements its wireless motion sensor app-cessory for golf swing improvement. With ProView, SwingTIP is the industry’s most complete, effective and easy-to-use mobile golf swing analysis and training tool with new auto-video capture and 3D power and plane analysis features, as well as enhanced 3D swing analysis, training and club head impact metrics. Available this week, the SwingTIP ProView App is a free app upgrade in iTunes for Apple iOS 5.1 or higher. A SwingTIP ProView App for Android devices is to follow soon.

Paired with the SwingTIP Bluetooth-enabled motion sensor, the SwingTIP ProView App captures and analyzes a golfer’s swing using pattern recognition technology. It instantly displays a visual rendering of the swing, pinpoints strengths, flaws and impact metrics and provides instructional tips and videos. With auto-video capture, golfers can record, review and share their swing with a friend or coach. SwingTIP addresses key elements to improve a golfer’s game-from swing mechanics to body movement; to strengths and flaws on power, plane and club head impact; to practice drills, scorecards and”SwingTIP ProView is the result of us listening to our customers. They were telling us that they wanted SwingTIP to assess their swing like a golf instructor, pinpointing the exact flaws in their swing and supplying instant practice drills to help them improve,” said Vijay Nadkarni, CEO of Mobiplex. “ProView interprets a golfer’s swing mechanics in several dimensions, while auto-video capture lets the user view for themselves their body posture and alignment. Coupled with instruction advice, SwingTIP provides golfers with the actionable information they need to quickly improve their swing.”According to Golf Teaching Professional Jeff Ritter, “The new SwingTIP ProView App is a real game changer, delivering the most interactive and visual learning experience on the market. Within only a few swings, my students can use the SwingTIP feedback to successfully reshape their shot. The practice drills and instant feedback help them groove their swing and gain the muscle memory needed to execute that shot more consistently over time.”

The award-winning SwingTIP Golf Swing App-cessory and ProView App includes the following features:

ProView Auto-Video Capture (new)
The SwingTIP sensor uses Bluetooth to activate the mobile device’s video camera to record a swing. With every swing, golfers can capture a video of their swing from any angle or position to examine body posture and alignment. Auto-Video Capture includes a number of intelligent features that help a golfer record, review and share videos including:

  • Smart capture setup tools assist with proper angle and distance
  • Auto-truncates video to capture only essential footage of the swing from setup to follow-through
  • Stop, start, forward and reverse playback allows you to easily examine all aspects of the swing
  • Easily share a video with a friend or coach

ProView Power and Plane Analysis (new)
SwingTIP assesses swing plane and power across five checkpoints: address, takeaway, top of swing, halfway through downswing and impact. A 3D swing rendering is displayed from three angles (target, front and top) along with alerts that pinpoint strengths and flaws across nine swing aspects: lie angle at address, takeaway, top of backswing plane, downswing plane, power load/backswing length, power store/release point, power at impact, transition and arc of swing.

Instant tips and instruction videos from Jeff Ritter, a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher, help golfers quickly master their swing technique to hit the ball farther and straighter than ever before.

ProView 3D Swing Trace and Club Head Impact Metrics
The proprietary ProView Motion Analysis™ engine accurately analyzes and digitally reproduces a video-like animation of a swing alongside key impact metrics: Swing Speed, Swing Path, Clubface Angle, Clubface at Impact, and Swing Tempo. A user can view his or her unique “swing signature” and analyze their swing mechanics from three angles (target, front, top). Golfers, or their coach, can star best swings and use “compare-mode” to see their best swing vs. the current swing.

Instant tips and instruction videos from Ray Leach, Golf Teacher and NCAA-Record Holder, help golfers master the fundamentals of the neutral Ball Impact Position to help them hit the ball’s sweet spot every time.

SwingTIP 3D Motion Sensor
The SwingTIP Wireless Golf Swing App-cessory is $129.99. Weighing less than one ounce, the SwingTIP device won’t affect your swing. The two-part device consists of a Bluetooth-enabled motion sensor that slides into a two-clamp holster that attaches securely to a club shaft and has a pop-up sight lever for easy alignment. SwingTIP auto-calibrates for club-type (driver, wood, iron) and auto-detects right and left-handed golfers.

The 3D motion sensor is paired with a free, downloadable mobile app available for Apple iOS 5.1+ and Android 2.3.5+ devices (supports Apple AirPlay® on Apple TV®). In the app, videos and scorecards can be shared and metrics data can be electronically transmitted to a free account where a golfer can review performance trend reports.

SwingTIP is sold online and in stores in the U.S. and Canada and will be available soon in Europe. For more information or to watch the product video, please visit

About Mobiplex Inc.
Founded in 2010 in Silicon Valley, Mobiplex® is a revolutionary venture specializing in mobile sports performance technology. Its products are based on miniature Bluetooth-enabled motion sensors and mobile device apps to help athletes improve their skill levels for better enjoyment of the game. Leveraging sophisticated technology in biomechanics, pattern recognition and motion sensing, the company has developed its patent-pending ProView™ Motion Analysis™ engine that can accurately capture, analyze and digitally reproduce a sports motion in three dimensions. The company’s first product, SwingTIP®, delivers real-time, visual golf swing analysis and auto-video capture via a Bluetooth app-cessory and a personal web page. For more information, please visit or

Jill Mayer